Pinot and Prep

Hello and welcome to Pinot and Prep!

   Our journey began a year ago when we started meal prepping.    We loved the result of three, to four hours, in the kitchen preparing a weeks’ worth of food.   We loved the time spent together, the laughter, the conversations and the glass of wine. 

   What we didn’t like was the big mess in the kitchen and the piled high, sink full of dishes, when we were done.  

   One day, when limited on time, we decided to prep the recipes together and then cook them, later in the week, on our own.  

   That day was a light bulb moment!  It took 1 ½ hours to prep and the kitchen took 15 minutes to clean.  

   That week our refrigerators were filled with sliced meats, chopped vegetables, sauces, salads and dressings.    When it was time for dinner some olive oil in the pan, along with some spices, vegetables and protein and PRESTO – dinner was ready in 15 minutes. 

     Again, the kitchen was relatively untouched.  A pan, and a few containers, were all that needed to be washed.    The floor didn’t even need to be swept!

   We knew we had just created the perfect scenario for our busy lives.   After a few months of “Prepping Together” and “Cooking at Home” we knew we wanted to share the concept with family and friends.   That is how “Pinot and Prep” was born.

  Our goal is to provide you with yummy recipes that you, too, can prep in advance and cook, during the week, on your own time.   A frittata, morning shakes, two to three lunches and three dinners are just an example of what you will see.    Each of our recipes will serve approximately four people. The menus are intended to provide you with leftovers so that you have something readily available for every meal when you are busy.  Food for two I would follow the recipes exactly, food for four, maybe double it. 

    We will be sharing everything from our grocery lists to the prep, and cooking, processes. A lot of behind the scenes can be seen on our Instagram stories and @PinotandPrep as well.

   Our hope is that this simplifies your life as it simplified ours.   

  Now all you need to do is get a friend and get chopping!


Katie and Judy

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